Important Messages

Shah Faisal Afridi
Founder President

Founder President's Message


I believe that the right way forward is openness, dialogue, trade and investment; working together for mutual benefit not against each other. “It is the people, and not things, that are decisive” -a great meaningful ideology.

PCJCCI is resolute to serve as a model chamber and a vibrant platform for promoting mutual investment and friendship between Pakistan and China, Chinese language and culture. In a very short period of time PCJCCI has become a mainstream leading organization leaving no stone unturned in facilitating any move that can fortify the bilateral relations. All the achievements of PCJCCI have become possible due to a committed and proficient team.

Long Live Pak China Friendship!




Former President's Message


China is witnessing economic transformation at a massive scale by following the model of Europe for relocating part of its manufacturing sector to economically viable places that offer plenty of opportunities for Pakistan. It is the right time to make better choices and take progressive initiatives by imparting modern skills including Chinese language to the labor force of Pakistan. The language skill will not only help the youth of Pakistan to get employment in the Chinese companies but will also make them confident in pursuing their innovative ideas more effectively with the Chinese counterparts. Merely teaching language is not the ultimate goal of  instructors from the platform of PCJCCI, the all season strategy of PCJCCI is to add value and creativity to its ongoing plans.

Pak-China Together Forever!



Mr. Wang Zihai
Former President & EC Member

S. M. Naveed

President's Message


The rising of China as an International Economic Power is proving advantageous for Pakistan with every passing day. Along with the governments of both the countries, the business leadership of private sector is also playing an important role in strengthening economic relations. Having a huge consumers’ market in the shape of China, we are bound to make stronger relationship with the country economically, politically and culturally. We are strongly embedded with the vision of PCJCCI that is the economic integration of these two brotherly nations through increased regional connectivity for mutual benefit. Special services being provided by PCJCCI includes but not limited to direct interaction with top business leaders of both Pakistan and China through B2B meetings, business match making, offering conversational Chinese language course for removing language barrier, and capacity building of local entrepreneurs with the collaboration of Chinese experts.


Secretary General's Message


We need to realize that Pakistan has the geostrategic importance in interconnectedness of countries. It is through Pakistan that the economic development will radiate to other countries in South and Central Asia therefore earlier completion of CPEC projects will speed up the construction of other parts of Silk Road; that’s why China attaches great importance to CPEC.

In regard of CPEC, PCJCCI is more concerned with improving the quality of development instead of quantity. We are in an effort to maintain a certain speed of development where more attention is paid to the quality of development for the sustainability of ongoing development programs.



Muhammad Salahuddin Hanif
Secretary General