Shenzhen Swaroniki Technology Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Swaroniki Technology Co.,Ltd is professional supplier of handheld inkjet printer.
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We have two types of handheld inkjet printer:
1. handheld inkjet printer with universal special ink. It can print on papers, cartons, plastics, glasses, woods, steels pipes, metals, etc.
The unit price is as following:
1 set: USD452
>20 set: USD355
2. handheld inkjet printer with standard ink. It can only print on papers and cartons.
The unit price is as following:
1 set: USD404
>20 set: USD307
Above price includes 1pc handheld printer, 1pc ink cartridge, 1pc charger, 1pc U-disk.

We can provide more ink cartridge.
1pc special ink cartridge: USD35.49
1pc standard ink cartridge:USD30.65

Samples are available. Feel free to contact for more information.


Professional Manufacturer of Steel Since 2001
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Main products are:
1. Galvanized Steel Pipe ASTM A500 /EN10219
2. Black Steel Pipe ASTM A53 /BS1387
3. Scaffolding BS1139
4. Steel Prop, Steel Plank BS1139 /EN74
Advantage: Long life & Multifunction & Weldable & International standard

Changsha Huaxin Alloy Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd

A factory specialized in tungsten carbide products (carbide buttons, tungsten carbide welding ropes, carbide rods, carbide strips, mold and punch, TC carbide seals and so on)
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Our carbide products are used in places over the world like the USA, South America, South Africa,etc.
Why choose Huaxin:
1. Over 25 years' history in cemented carbide products research and develop
2. More than 20,000 square meters of factory
3. Complete & strict QC system throughout the manufacturing process.
4. GE and SANDVIK vendor
5. OEM & ODM service, professional R&D department is ready to design products to fit your specifications, they offer the professional advice and CAD drawing for you
6. ISO 9001:2008 certification.
7. Our constant is quality in every order we produce, large or small.

Ningbo Hai Jiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

We are Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer from Ningbo, China
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1. High Speed Injection Molding Machine
2. Clear/Mix Two Color Injection Molding Machine
3. 50t-3000t Injection Molding Machine
4. Injection Blow Molding Machine
5. BMC injection Molding Machine
6. Vertical Injection Molding Machine
7. Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine

Protec Tools Co., Ltd

We are specialized in manufacturing diamond tools and hardware tools for more than 20 years.
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We have professional QC department. All our products have to pass QC  inspection 3 times to make sure our quality is good and stable.

We have exported these of our tools to more than 30 countries with many good feedback. Please check it as below:
Diamond blade, e
lectroplated diamond blade and electroplated core drill bits, diamond core drill bits, diamond cup grinding, wet/dry diamond polishing pad, HTC grinding pads, HTC grinding wheel, vacuum brazed diamond blade, Vacuum brazed diamond core drill bits, TCT saw, SDS Plus, SDS Max, chisels

If interested, please kindly send your required items with detailed requirement and quotation, and free sample will be sent for your evaluation.
Address: Block 40 ,No 1969 Puxing Road, Shanghai China , 201112

Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd

LNEYA is a top manufacturer for dynamic temperature control system, It can heat and cool your laminator in a short time to make sure the solar panel coating.
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Temperature range: -152~350 degree.

Our heating and cooling system can mate your solar laminator.

CMBV Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional in producing mobile phone tempered glass screen protector for nearly 8 years.

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Covering high quality for iPhone6/6s/7/7plus/8/8plus/iPhoneX
Address: Room 9D, Building 3, Yinan Garden Bijiashan, Shangbubei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China