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02nd December 2022 – PCJCCI keen to invest in Floriculture

02 December 2022 - PCJCCI keen to invest in Floriculture_page-0001

PCJCCI keen to invest in Floriculture

Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) identified floriculture as a potential sector for joint ventures between the two countries on Thursday, saying flower production had increased in different parts of Pakistan that could attract investors with an increased demand of flowers in China.
In a statement, PCJCCI president Moazzam Ghurki said that there was a vast scope of joint ventures between Pakistan and China in the field of floriculture. He was addressing a Chinese delegation from Shandong province. “In recent years, flower production has increased in Kasur, Sheikhupura, Chunian, Okara, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, and Gujranwala,” Ghurki apprised the delegation.

He was of the view that the proposed ventures in floriculture industry could be prolific for Pakistan as the country was blessed with favorable agro-climatic conditions, cheap labor, and easily available variety of soils.

“Pakistan has a potential to develop a resilient floriculture sector,” Ghurki said, adding that over hundred varieties of flowers were being produced in the cities, including the most prominent such as carnations, jasmine, tulips, and roses in multiple colours.

PCJCCI official stated that an investor in the floriculture sector of Pakistan could get maximum profit by making the product value added for supplies to hotels as flower baskets, bouquets, and bunches for direct export.

Alex Pan from the Chinese delegation informed that a change in lifestyle and better standard of living in China had increased the demand for the floriculture products. Fang Yulong, senior vice president at PCJCCI, said an increase in demand of cut flowers was due to increase in celebrations of different ceremonies in the society like weddings and birthday parties. He informed that currently the major cities Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hongkong were the most important consumption markets.

The meeting was suggested that interested investors should establish training centers and model nurseries in Pakistan with latest planting technologies. Pakistan direly needs a cool chain that can ensure flowers/plants to be kept in suitable environment. A cool chain system covering the whole country can save about the 40 percent production that is wasted due to absence of proper cold storage facilities and improper handling, according to PCJCCI.

The value added products from non-conventional floricultural crops like essential oil of rose, tube rose, jasmine etc, and plants extracts used in medicines and pharmaceutical industry possess a significant potential for export and import substitution. “However, there is lack of resources and skilled persons to develop the industry up to international standards, therefore, Chinese stakeholders could be helpful,” the chamber said.

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