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11th July 2023 – Chinese delegation visited PCJCCI for joint ventures in Ceramics Industry

Chinese delegation visited PCJCCI for joint ventures in Ceramics Industry

Chinese delegation visited PCJCCI for joint ventures in Ceramics Industry

A Chinese delegation visiting Pakistan has shown interest in entering into joint ventures in the ceramics sector, saying Pakistan has potential to consume a significant share in the global market of ceramic products, Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) stated on Monday.

The Chinese delegation from City of Zibo held a meeting with local industrialists of the ceramics sector at PCJCCI secretariat.

According to the head of the delegation, Zibo is a key transportation hub of China and plays an important role in the country’s economy through its rapidly growing manufacturing industries, especially the ceramics sector.

PCJCCI stated that the delegation was impressed by the growth potential of the ceramics industry of Pakistan, and the delegation’s head also agreed to relocate ceramic industries from Zibo into Pakistan for sharing the global demand of ceramics products by exploiting inherent advantages of Pakistan and China.

PCJCCI president Moazzam Ghurki informed that 70 percent work of Chinese ceramic industry was being done under the expertise of Zibo industries and the products produced in Zibo were being exported to US, EU, and other sophisticated markets.

Zibo was ranked as the 34th most competitive city in China, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2016, he said, adding that Zibo had a significantly large industry sector that accounted for 47 percent of the GDP in China.

Hamza Khalid, vice president of PCJCCI, said the joint chamber would extend strong support for economic development of the two countries. The joint ventures of Pakistani and Chinese businessmen under China Pakistan Economic Corridor attained a mutual confidence that gave birth to new venues of collaboration in trade and investment areas, according to Khalid.

PCJCCI thanked the Chinese business community to pave way for modern phase of industrialization in Pakistan and creating a space for Pakistan in international markets through joint ventures.

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