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17th October 2023 – “PCJCCI keen to merge Urban and Rural development for common prosperity”

PCJCCI keen to merge Urban and Rural development for common prosperity

PCJCCI keen to merge Urban and Rural Development for common prosperity

Moazzam Ghurki, President Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has emphasized upon equitable development of SMEs in rural areas of the country in conjunction with the urban business hubs at the pattern of Chinese model of Urban-Rural Coordinated Development.

While addressing the think-tank meeting at PCJCCI Secretariat he told that Pakistan shared that China had enhanced the prosperity level of her villages by making coordinated urban and rural development.

The meeting was also attended by Fang Yulong, Senior Vice President, Hamza Khalid, Vice President and Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General of the PCJCCI.

PCJCCI President informed that SMEDA had focused in the past on equitable development of SMEs in the country and the best project in this regard was launched as “Aik Hunar, Aik Nagar” (AHAN) project that connected the rural handicrafts with the fashion designers to add value in the rural hand-made products.

The intervention proved to be so successful that a number of our rural handicrafts won the space in export market besides gaining business in the national markets.

He lamented the project could not have won the attention of the current government and had, therefor pushed to the back benches.

Fang Yulong, Senior Vice President PCJCCI said that common prosperity is an essential requirement of socialism and a key feature of Chinese-style modernization, aims to create a future where prosperity is shared by everyone in the country.

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