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1st March 2023 – Dasu Hydro Power Project is a major milestone of CPEC: President PCJCCI

1st March 2023 - Dasu Hydro Power Project is a major milestone of CPEC President PCJCCI_page-0001

Dasu Hydro Power Project is a major milestone of CPEC: President PCJCCI

Moazzam Ghurki, President of Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) stated during a think tank session held at PCJCCI Secretariat yesterday, that Dasu Hydropower Project (DHPP) in the Upper Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has created at least 2,664 jobs for the local community which is one of the major milestones of CPEC at this hour of crisis. He added that this project would help to address the problems of load shedding and will provide inexpensive electricity to consumers after completion.

President PCJCCI said that it is a run of river project where the lake of the dam only stores water for energy production and then releases it into the river, the Dasu dam reservoir would not be used for irrigation. Another major benefit of this project is has increased the life of Tarbela dam up to 40 years as it would stop the mud and sand which usually flows with the river Indus and decreases the height of the Tarbela dam after deposit in the lake.

Fang Yulong, Senior Vice President PCJCCI added that this project will accommodate more people in the coming days from the local area, which is one of the backward regions of the country. Currently, over 3,700 people (including 2,664 locals) have been given jobs during the peak construction period; the number of jobs will be increased to 8,000 with the majority from the local areas. He added that currently, work on the 10 project sites is underway to meet the 2026 deadline for power generation. The under-construction sites include diversion tunnels (Indus River water has been recently diverted to one of the tunnels while one is under construction) underground powerhouse, a flushing and traffic tunnel, right bank access roads, 132 KV transmission line, WAPDA colony, and offices.

Hamza Khalid, Vice President PCJCCI added that upon completion, Dasu will become the project with the highest annual energy generation in Pakistan. He added that every hydel project recovers its cost from the production within five to seven years, cost of the Dasu Hydro Power Project Phase I according to PC-I was 400081 million rupees.

Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI added that we hope that such projects under CPEC will definitely add value and create job opportunities for the well-being of our beloved country. Currently Pakistan is at the verge of devastation, projects like these can save our country from such miseries in future.

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