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1st Video Conference – April 3rd, 2018


The video conferencing session was headed by Mr. Yusuf Fa – Chinese representative in Pakistan and Ms. Grace Meng from Jinan, China along with Mr. Roc Wang, Mr. Chris Zhu, Mr. Steve Zhu, Ms. Selina Wang, and Ms. Fiona Gao who also participated in the conference. The conference was attended by:


S.M. Naveed – President PCJCCI

S.M. Naveed——巴中工商联会长

Mr. Salahuddin Hanif – Secretary General, PCJCCI

Salahuddin Hanif先生——巴中工商联秘书长

Mr. Daud Ahmad – Intersales Network (Pvt.) Ltd

Daud Ahmad先生——Intersales Network有限公司

M. Abdullah Dawood – Dawood Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd (

M. Abdullah Dawood ——Dawood Spinning Mills 有限公司(

Mohammad Idrees, CEO – NovaMed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. (

Mohammad Idrees,总经理——NovaMed Pharmaceuticals有限公司(

Mr. Rehan Rao, CEO – Sixon Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. (

Rehan Rao先生,总经理——Sixon Pakistan有限公司(

Mr. Naveed Ahmad, CEO – Fasnna Group (

Naveed Ahmad先生,总经理——Fasnna集团 (

Mr. Farooq Ali Khan Sherwani, CEO – Shermir Global Pvt. Ltd (

Farooq Ali Khan Sherwani先生,总经理——Shermir Global有限公司 (

Muhammad Waqas, Director –  Noble Origins Pvt. Ltd (

Muhammad Waqas,董事——Noble Origins有限公司  (

M. Kashif Hussain – Hi-Tek Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. (

(M. Kashif Hussain——Hi-Tek Manufacturing有限公司(

President S.M. Naveed underscored the significance of the impact of video conference in the current scenario of cooperation between the two countries at almost every level, which fortifies the true working spirit among the business members of both countries.

S.M. Naveed会长强调,视频会议对目前巴中双边几乎每一层面的深度合作都是具有深远影响意义的,这增强了双边国家商务会员的务实工作精神。

During the discussion session, Daud Spinning Mills received an offer from the Chinese counterparts for the facilitation of machinery setup in his industry of garments manufacturing with market orders. He simultaneously received an offer for facilitation in manufacturing of steel bar.


While expressing his thoughtful approach S.M. Naveed said that such programs bring relevant business partners together. He said that making right contacts and finding suitable trade partners has become a major issue but, PCJCCI is now a digital step ahead by offering its esteemed members this unique service of business matchmaking through video conferencing to give their business a major added value.

S.M. Naveed会长表达了他的观点,说这样的项目将相关的商业伙伴联系到一起,进行正确的沟通并寻找合适的贸易伙伴,这已经成为视频会议的主题。但视频对接会只是巴中工商联为其尊敬的会员企业进行商务对接活动,提供商业附加值的第一步。

At the end of the session S.M. Naveed briefed the members that, with the urgency to create sustainable solutions in business industry we need to work on the progress of this one-stop – shop by arranging constant series of video conferences with Chinese counterparts coupled with effective and cost effective collaboration.


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