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2nd Video Conference – May 26th, 2018


“Agriculture is at pivotal moment and the digitalization of agriculture will play an inexorable role for the industry moving forward” This was stated by President Pakistan – China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry S.M. Naveed during a video conference held with the Chinese counterparts to mark out the striking prospects of agriculture sector in Pakistan.

巴中工商联会长S.M. Naveed先生在视频对接会中提出,“农业正处于一个关键时期,农业的数字化将在工业进步方面起到不可替代的作用。”会议在中方合作伙伴的共同努力下举行,会议突出了巴基斯坦农业领域的美好前景。

The conference was participated by President PCJCCI S.M. Naveed,  Secretary General PCJCCI M. Salahuddin Hanif , Director Business Development Faraz Shafiq from Training Pakistan PVT Ltd, Director Guard Filter Shahrukh Malik, Mr. Frank Fa and Mr. Zhang Representatives of Chinse Business Community in Pakistan also attended the conference.

出席会议的有:巴中工商联会长S.M. Naveed先生,秘书长M. Salahuddin Hanif先生,Training Pakistan Pvt., Ltd的商务发展部经理Faraz Shafiq先生,产品部经理Shahrukh Malik先生,以及驻巴基斯坦中国商务团的代表法先生和张先生。

Faraz Shafiq while presenting his meticulous presentation to the Chinese representatives apprised the participants about his organization being a platform for imparting skills for progressive, non-traditional agribusinesses and reviewed the underlying challenges for agribusiness production and process. He spoke about the challenges being faced by the industry and briefed that the industry lacks modern and up-to-date technology which is needed to fulfill the agricultural demands.

Faraz Shafiq在向中国代表做细致的介绍时,告诉与会者,他的组织是一个为在发展阶段的非传统农业企业提供技能的平台,并分析了农业企业生产和过程的潜在挑战。他谈到了工业所面临的挑战,并指出工业缺乏现代化和最新的技术来满足农业需求。

To help support this productive business matchmaking session Mr. Faraz Shafiq was connected with a group of over 200 Chinese counterparts who are now engaged in a detailed correspondence for future ventures.

为了协助这一富有成效的会议顺利举行,Faraz Shafiq先生联系了200多家中国的对口企业,他们正在参与到未来的商务活动中。

It was observed during the meeting that the steel foundries in China are shutting down at an alarming rate due to increasing pollution, considering this declining situation Mr. Shahrukh Malik was proposed by Chinese peers  to initiate the manufacturing of steel products in Pakistan by relocating the modern technological tools from China to Pakistan. The idea was endorsed by the participants.

会议上发现,由于日益严重的污染,中国的钢铁厂正在以惊人的速度关闭,考虑到这种情况,Shahrukh Malik先生建议中国企业通过现代化的科技工具将钢铁制造厂从中国迁移至巴基斯坦。该方案得到了与会者的赞同。

President S.M. Naveed while concluding the session showed his immense hope and support for the inclusion of capable business partners in an ever-growing list of global disruptors and innovators who will be adding their voices to Agriculture.

S.M. Naveed会长在会议的结束时表达了他对将全球有能力的商业伙伴整合到一起来增强农业领域力量的巨大希望与支持。

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