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Mr. S.M. Naveed President PCJCCI presenting shield to Governor Punjab Chaudary Mohammad Sarwar

PCJCCI taking responsibility of inculcating awareness among business community and Chinese living in Pakistan regarding Coronavirus outbreak .In this regard, a session on “Coronavirus-devastations and preventions “was held on 24th February 2020 at PCJCCI. The Chief Guest of the event Deputy Consul General China Mr. Peng Zhengwu acknowledged efforts of PCJCCI to support Chinese in this hour of need. Along with Pakistani media, this initiative was also appreciated by the Chinese Media. Please find the attached link of Chinese Media Coverage of this event.


Mr. S.M. Naveed

I believe that the right way forward is openness, dialogue, trade and investment; working together for mutual benefit not against each other. “It is the people, and not things, that are decisive” -a great meaningful ideology.

PCJCCI is resolute to serve as a model chamber and a vibrant platform for promoting mutual investment and friendship between Pakistan and China, Chinese language and culture. In a very short period of time PCJCCI has become a mainstream leading organization leaving no stone unturned in facilitating any move that can fortify the bilateral relations. 

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SM Naveed

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Former President of Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( PCJCCI) and member of special advisory council of Business leaders to Prime Minister Mr. Zarak Khan in an interview telecasted on Lahore Rang on 29th September 2020 elucidated the importance of CPEC for Pakistan and effective role being played by PCJCCI to promote bilateral relations between Pakistan and China.

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First Industrial National Innovation Survey (FINIS) Launched in Pakistan

Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST); an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology mandated to advice the government on science, technology, and innovation policy issues, has launched the First Industrial National Innovation Survey (FINIS) in the country.

This first-ever national-level industrial innovation survey has been launched at a time when the fourth industrial revolution is rapidly advancing, and it is being speculated that it will change everything; the way we live, play, work and do business. Innovation is being considered as one of the main pillars of economic growth and development in the age of fourth industrial revolution. But unfortunately, Pakistan is lagging way behind other nations in Innovation as depicted by Pakistan’s position in the Global Innovation Index 2019, where Pakistan is ranked 105th out of total 129 countries that have been included in the Index. Many of the Central and Southern Asian countries like India (52nd), Iran (61st), Kazakhstan (79th), Sri Lanka (89th), Kyrgyzstan (90th) and Tajikistan (100th) are ranked above Pakistan.

This benchmarking innovation survey will be conducted using a comprehensive questionnaire which has been designed to obtain information about the innovation rate, types of innovation activities (product, process, management, marketing), reasons & motivations for carrying out innovation activities, sources of ideas and information for undertaking innovation activities, extent of cooperation and collaboration among firms, relationship between innovation and performance of the firm, diffusion of ICTs across different industrial sectors, industry perspective on government support to innovation and barriers to innovation in different industrial sectors.

Preceding the survey, PCST team is visiting various chambers of commerce & industry and industrial associations throughout the country to raise awareness about the importance of the innovation survey and to request to cooperate in the successful completion of this landmark survey as well as to discuss the status of innovation and allied issues in the local industry. 

It is expected that the survey will provide insights into the innovation process in the industrial sector of Pakistan which would form the basis for recommendation of appropriate policy measures to the government for promotion of innovation in various industrial sectors in the country. Further, the survey will benchmark the innovation status of various industrial sectors which would help in assessing level of success of future innovation policies of the government.

For further information about the First Industrial National Innovation Survey, PCST website may be visited.