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Information Desk

Info Desk

PCJCCI is privileged to announce the provision of Trade Facilitation Desk that will solely cater all business related queries to the highest standards of efficiency and competency. The facilitation desk is open for all business stake holders, industrialists and particularly for the esteemed members of PCJCCI. The ultimate objective of this desk is to ensure business and investment growth by providing immediate guidance and solutions to the businessmen and investors of both Pakistan and China.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including:


PCJCCI receives high-profiled delegations from China to promote bilateral trade and business opportunities. The chamber arranges their meetings with concerned quarters and industrial units. We sent delegations of Pakistan business entrepreneurs to China in different sectors.


Phase 1- To interact with all members primarily through phone/ e-mail and later on to pay personal visits for gauging their preferences.

Phase 2- We connect our members with Chinese counterpart through Video Conferencing and latter on circulate their products/services,portfolios, among our members for probable Joint Ventures.

Phase 3- Respective Chinese investors/businessmesn/traders are being provided with most relevant information about Government policies on investment, Special Economic Zone(SEZs), banking norms and practices etc.

Trade & Business Opportunities

PCJCCI is enthused to expand the business and trade relationship between Pakistan and China. PCJCCI receives trade inquiries from China for partnership, investment and business collaboration and circulate them among our members, help them in every possible way for probable Co-operation in business undertakings.

Visa Recommendation Letter

Visa recommendation letter is issued to Pakistani businessmen to visit China and vice versa.

Chinese Language Program

PCJCCI holds immense pride for it's successful strategy for the innovative and vocational training of young professionals by making them break the language barriers through Chinese language program and enabling them to work for the miraculous CPEC projects.

ADR Center

As a mainstream trade organization, PCJCCI is enthused to initiate Alternate Dispute Resolution Center that can be used as an effective measure for settlement of disputes to overcome delays, expensive justice and reduce tremendous burden on Courts.

For More Information

Contact: 042-35777460-2

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