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Objectives and Benefits


  • To promote Trade, investment & mutually beneficial commercial ventures between China & Pakistan.
  • To encourage & create effective impetus for Chinese investment in Pakistan & to assist members & Chinese business corporations and concerns to create business opportunities and investment in Pakistan.
  • To promote & support measures calculated to benefit & protect the interests of both the business communities of Pakistan & China.
  • To help the government in highlighting critical national issues in their right perspective to play significant role in developing policy framework for business environment and economic growth and to help the nation in presenting its real soft face to the outside world by holding national as well as international conferences, seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions etc.


  • Specialized chamber for specifically promoting bilateral trade and investment between China and Pakistan.
  • Business match making and prospecting.
  • Capacity building of local entrepreneurs with the collaboration of Chinese experts under the auspices of National Productivity Organization.
  • Receiving and giving trade inquiries to all PCJCCI associates directly.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of government policies related to Pak-China trade, giving proposals/suggestions for eradicating the bottlenecks.
  • Effective participation in frequent trade exhibitions of Chinese products in Pakistan and Pakistani products in China.
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