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Objectives & Benefits



  • To promote Trade, investment & mutually beneficial commercial ventures between China & Pakistan.
  • 促进中巴之间的贸易、投资及互惠互利事项。
  • To encourage & create effective impetus for Chinese investment in Pakistan & to assist members & Chinese business corporations and concerns to create business opportunities and investment in Pakistan.
  • 鼓励和创造中国在巴基斯坦投资的有效动力,协助会员企业和中国企业在巴基斯坦创造商机和投资。
  • To promote & support measures calculated to benefit & protect the interests of both the business communities of Pakistan & China.
  • 通过利益推动和支持措施的施行,保障中巴双边商务交流的利益。
  • To help the government in highlighting critical national issues in their right perspective to play significant role in developing policy framework for business environment and economic growth and to help the nation in presenting its real soft face to the outside world by holding national as well as international conferences, seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions etc.
  • 帮助政府在正确的角度突出重点国家问题,在发展商业环境和经济增长的政策框架中发挥重要作用,通过举办国际性的会议、研讨会、贸易会、展览会等帮助国家向外界展示其真正的软实力


  • Specialized chamber for specifically promoting bilateral trade and investment between China and Pakistan.
  • 专门促进中巴双边贸易与投资的专业机
  • Business match making and prospecting.
  • 商业对接与挖掘
  • Capacity building of local entrepreneurs with the collaboration of Chinese experts under the auspices of National Productivity Organization.
  • 在国家生产力组织的支持下,建设当地企业与中国专业的合作
  • Receiving and giving trade inquiries to all PCJCCI associates directly.
  • 接收并直接向巴中工商联的会员企业发送贸易需
  • Monitoring and evaluation of government policies related to Pak-China trade, giving proposals/suggestions for eradicating the bottlenecks.
  • 对中国与巴基斯坦贸易有关的政府政策进行监测和评估,提出消除瓶颈的建议
  • Effective participation in frequent trade exhibitions of Chinese products in Pakistan and Pakistani products in China.
  • 有效参与到在巴的中国商品贸易展和在中国的巴基斯坦贸易展览中
  • Effective mediation services for settling trade disputes with the help of Chinese business association in Pakistan/Embassy of China in Pakistan and vice versa.
  • 在中国驻巴商业协会或大使馆的帮助下,处理贸易纠纷
  • Bridging the communication gap through imparting conversational Chinese language course at various government departments.
  • 通过在多政府部门教授中文对话课程来消除交流中的障碍
  • Arrangement of sponsor letter from PCJCCI affiliates from China facilitating visa process in Pakistan.
  • 安排通过巴中工商联对中国企业的邀请函,以促进巴基斯坦签证办理流程
  • Visa recommendation letters for Pakistan Embassy in China and Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.
  • 巴基斯坦驻中国大使馆和巴基斯坦驻中国大使馆的签证推荐信。
  • Direct interaction with top business leaders of China/Pakistan through B2B meetings & video conferencing in the advance stage.
  • 在前阶段,通过B2B会议、视频对接会等方式建立中巴商业领袖的直接交流
  • Constant provision of updates on Chinese Economy through effective R & D.
  • 通过有效的研究与发展,不断提供对中国经济研究的认知
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