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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Citizenship Cases.
  2. Renunciation Cases.

1. Citizenship Cases: 

Q* How to get Citizenship on marriage basis?
Female married to Pakistan nationals can apply on Form “F” at (Hqrs) Islamabad, concerned Home Departments, or Regional Passport Offices at provincial (Hqrs) Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

Q* What documents are required for Pakistan Citizenship Certificate applications on marriage basis?
Form “F”, Marriage certificate, Photocopy of Husband’s CNIC & Passport, two Affidavit from applicant and her husband stating facts of the case, fee of Rs.200/=, two Certificates from class 1 officers verifying particulars, photocopy of applicant’s passport, ten pictures, Nikah-nama, evidence of five years stay in aggregate, in Pakistan.

Q* Can a foreign male married to Pakistani Female get citizenship?
He cannot get it done on marriage basis, however he can get Pakistan Citizenship under Section 9 or 20 of PCA 1951.

Q* How can one get citizenship on Fund Transfer Basis?
A Commonwealth citizen on transfer of five million rupees of foreign exchange to Pakistan through State Bank can apply on Form “R”, check relevant web page for details.

Q* How to apply on basis of long legal stay in Pakistan?
Non commonwealth citizens, can apply for citizenship after acquiring certificate of Naturalization.

Q* In how much time a case for grant of nationality is finalized?
It depends upon case to case, however after clearance by relevant security agencies, the case take less than two months.

2. Renunciation Cases:

Q* What is the process of Nationality cancellation (Renunciation)?
Please apply at concerned Foreign Mission of Pakistan on Form X with photo copy of Your Passport and original CNIC and other relevant document/fee (see relevant web page).

Q* What documents are required for renunciation?
Original CNIC photo copy of Passport/Assurance letter of nationality issued by concerned country.
You have to submit Original CNIC but not Original Passport at the time of Submitting application fee.

Q* How much time does renunciation process take?
Normally four weeks if your application is complete and accompanied by relevant document.

Q* What are the Office Timings of I&P Head office?
9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, Facilitation desk 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM.

Q* Who is concerned Officer to contact for Immigration matters?
Asstt. Dir. (Immigration Section), Official No.051-9107048.

Q* How to check status of already applied of renunciation cases? Contact Details

Please contact after four weeks of filling of your application through e-mail at



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