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24th July 2023 – PCJCCI suggested Pak-China Women’s Development Employment Initiative

PCJCCI suggested Pak-China Women’s Development Employment Initiative

PCJCCI suggested Pak-China Women’s Development Employment Initiative

Moazzam Ghurki, President Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) said that there is a dire need to establish Pak-China Women’s Development Employment Initiative to empower the women of Pakistan and China at broader level.

He said that we should start such projects under BRI for the growth of young Pakistani businesswomen to instill a significant impact on the gender equality and women empowerment. The experience of Chinese women will help in the social growth of Pakistani women.

The PCJCCI president added that through this initiative various short courses related to technical and vocational training will be launched like; garments, food, handicrafts, languages, and IT sector.

These courses will be a part of China’s efforts for women empowerment, offering them an excellent chance to become an integral component of the “high-tech man force” direly needed for Gwadar free zones as well as national and internationally competitive markets.

Fang Yulong, Senior Vice President PCJCCI said that with technical and professional education, and other allied facilities awarded to them free of cost, these women will prove to be an agent of change, transforming a small town to a modern smart city.

Garment sector is one of the important sectors in which women can flourish rapidly, with their skills and knowledge to create garments of various designs they can enjoy a bright professional path on various upscale garment industry in Pakistan.

Chinese women have deep interest in Pakistani clothing style and we can connect women of both countries through online portals for the buying and selling of such products.

Hamza Khalid, Vice President PCJCCI added that women in Pakistan are very talented, but previously, they did not have any platform to show their skills.

There are several vocational training institutes to teach basic skills to women, but this center is the first of the kind to provide an opportunity to skilled women to generate income in an organized way.

Pak-China Women’s Development Employment Center could help women to be financially independent, giving them an opportunity to play their pivotal role to improve their standards of living and fight against poverty.

Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI added that PCJCCI always stressed to initiate such projects which can add value to the business of both countries. Pak-China Women’s Development Employment Initiative would definitely open up new vistas of opportunities for both the women of Pakistan and China.

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