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31st October 2023 – “Gwadar is Gift of God: Lt. Gen. Nasser Khan Janjua HI(M) (R)”

Gwadar is Gift of God Lt. Gen. Nasser Khan Janjua HI(M) (R)

Gwadar is Gift of God: Lt. Gen. Nasser Khan Janjua HI(M) (R)

HI (M) Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Nasser Khan Janjua expressed these views in an interactive session on “CPEC-Global perspective & Place of Pakistan” here at at PCJCCI (Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Secretariat on Monday.

Janjua said, “Gwadar is the gift of Allah to all of us; to the entire Asia and the world. We have to reap the benefit of this gift of God and we have to make things happen. CPEC is half of the dream another half resides in Afghanistan, Central Asian republics and Russia and another half goes to Europe.”

Pakistan is connecting around 86 countries and especially Balochistan can become an “Industrial Hub” of Asia. He said that connecting Gwadar Port with the northwestern part of China is the goal of the CPEC, a large-scale infrastructure project framework. Transportation, energy, communications, and even cross-industry collaboration are all included. With an expected investment of billions of Dollars, the CPEC aims to modernize energy infrastructure, construct industrial zones, and connect various modes of transportation, he added.

He said that Balochistan is richly endowed with natural resources. The province possesses many minerals including coal, sulphur, chromium, iron ore, barytes, marble, quartzite, and limestone.

Balochistan has the largest reserves of copper and gold in the world and is also blessed with huge oil reserves. Though rich in mineral resources, so far Baluchistan’s contribution to the economy of Pakistan has not been high, he added.

HI (M) Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Nasser Khan Janjua mentioned, “We can develop four cities on the coastal line of Balochistan and it will definitely help us in maintaining the economic stability of Pakistan. Balochistan can also boost its export competitiveness and achieve sustained economic development by taking advantage of the trade and investment possibilities brought forth by Gwadar Port and the CPEC.” He concluded by saying that Gwadar is not only the heart of CPEC, it is also the heart of Asia .It is a doorway, a gateway to Asia and combined with Chahbahar these are only two entries to Asia. “So we should initiate rapid development in this region so that it can boost trade relations,” he added.

Nasser Khan Janjua also expressed solidarity with Palestine and condemned Israel for violating Geneva Conventions grossly with relentless barbaric and inhuman bombardment on civilians. He said that the entire nation of Pakistan stands with the innocent people of Palestine and would support them to the last. He also stressed on two state solution for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by establishing two states.

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